Support Klenengan Pujangga Laras

The funding for Klenengan Pujangga Laras—to cover the US$650-750 to sponsor each gathering—comes entirely from individual supporters.

The funding model is one of subscription.

Supporters are encouraged to give US$300 per year (which comes to about $25 per klenengan). As a perk, subscribers can access or receive audio documentation.

Lesser amounts are of course welcome, as well as one time donations, but the financial sustainability of the klenengan relies on a core of regular contributions at the recommended amount.


To become a supporter, please contact Kitsie Emerson, <>.

Existing supporters may send checks, made out to Kathryn Emerson, at anytime to:

Kathryn Emerson
c/o Barry Drummond
233 Rindge Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

To confirm a check has been received, contact Barry Drummond <>.

For more information on budgeting or other questions, contact Kitsie Emerson, <>.