Year 1, #5

Saturday, 18 November 2001
Kerajinan Gamelan Bp. Mulyadi, Lojiwetan, Solo

Last night we had the fifth of the monthly American-sponsored klenengan. It took place at Bapak Mulyadi's in Lojiwetan, as usual, and started at 8:00 pm. The musicians finished at about 2 am. It was PACKED, as the fasting month has begun and there are basically no other events going on. Despite the fact that it was raining quite hard, people trudged through to make it. Although there are a lot of musicians at this event, they have a nice way of working out who plays what, and no one seems to monopolize any one instrument. A number of the "front liners" (gender, gambang,bonang) have taken to sitting in pairsone playing slendro pieces and the other pelog. The kendhang is almost always manned by two peopleone playing penunthung, ketipung, or ciblon, and one playing kendhang gendhing.

Pak Sastratoegiyo is truly not feeling well these days and couldnt make it again due to a debilatating cough. When we went to pick him up, and he told us he couldnt come, we gave him his envelope anyway to use for medicine and a doctors appointment he has on Monday.

The next klenengan is set for Saturday, December 8th. Moved ahead one week since Lebaran falls right on the 15th.

Acara Gendhing

  1. Gd. Bn. Denggung Sulurkangkung, kt 4 kr. mg 8, pelog lima

    bn - Yadi, kd. Gd - Wakidjo, pn - Wakidi, Slenthem - Wahyo

  2. Gd. Rb. Jalaga, kt 8 kr. mg 16, pelog lima pt. wantah

    rb - Dalimin, gd - Kamso, kd gd - Wakidjo, pn - Wakidi, gb - Tulus, bn - Yadi

    I only come to Solo once a month, and I've heard Jalaga 4 times since July--the gd rebab twice and the gd bonang twice! 3 of the 4 have been at this klenengan, once at Pak Panggahs. When Pak Dalimin whispered "8 kr" to Pak Wakidjo before the buka, Pak Wakidjo replied "not jalaga again". There then ensued a truly friendly interchange with Pak Yadi saying things like "we need to repeat these gendhing so we remember them". In the end they proceeded. I think Pak Wakidjo wouldnt mind repeating a lot of gendhing, but he seems pretty tired of the repetitive kt 8 mg 16 drumming!

  3. Gd. Kembang Tiba, kt 4 kr mg 8 kalj. Ldr. Rangsang (wilet), slendro nem pt. Lasem

    rb - Dalimin, gd - Karno, kd gd - Wakidjo, pn - Wakidi, gb - Wakiyo, bn - Yadi

    Another one they've been repeating a lot--was played at Pak Panggah's in July and at Mangkunegaran.

  4. pt. Sanga wantah, Bawa Sri Martono dhawah Gd. Genjong Guling kt 2 kr mg 4 kalj. Ldr. Giyak-Giyak (wilet) pt. Jugag

    bawa -Darsono/STSI, rb - Dalimin, gd - Kamso, kd gd - Wakidjo, ciblon - Wakidi, gb - Wakiyo, bn - Yadi

    *Pak Wakidjo sat out at this point for the rest of the klenengan (although he appeared to be having a great and social time anyway) because his chest still hurts since his accident.

  5. pt jugag pelog nem, Bawa dhawah Gd. Bonthit kt 4 kr mg 8 kalj. Ldr. Wani-Wani, pelog nem

    bawa - Yasa, rb - Wahyo, gd - Karno, kd gd - Kamso, ciblon - Wakidi, gb - Tulus, bn - Dalimin

    Pak Mujiono listened, shaking his head smiling, as Mas Wakidi and Mas Kamso did the kd II version of suwuk gambyong in Wani-Wani. He then proceded to suwuk gambyong the next 2 ladrangsLoro-Loro and Eling-Elingseemingly to show them how he felt it should be done! It took a bit of forcing though, since Pak Yadi was on kendhang gendhing

  6. pt jugag, slendro manyura, Bawa dhawah Gd. Loro-Loro Gendhong mg Ldr Loro-Loro Topeng 3 kn ganti Ldr. Loro-Loro 4 kn (diseling Ilir-Ilir) kalj. Ketw. Branta Mentul

    bawa - Panut, rb - Raji, gd - Karno, kd gd - Yadi, ciblon - Mujiono, gb - Wakiyo, bn - Kamso

  7. Gd. Bandhilori mg Ldr. Eling-Eling, pelog barang
    Ayak-Ayakan Mijil Larasati, pl 7

    rb - Raji, gd - Kamso, kd gd - Yadi, ciblon - Mujiono, gb - Tulus, bn - Karno

Musicians Attending

  • Rebab: Dalimin, Wahyo, Raji
  • Gender: Kamso, Karno
  • Kendhang: Wakidjo, Wakidi, Kamso, Yadi, Mujiono Sindhen: Mulyani, Parni, Tukinem, Dharmi Gerong: Panut, Darsono/STSI, Yasa (newly invited, as Pak Panut has often been alone) Gambang: Wakiyo, Tulus
  • Gender Penerus: Joko Sabar
  • Bonang: Yadi, Dalimin, Kamso, Karno
  • Bonang Penerus: Ngatno
  • Suling: Tarno
  • Siter: Sular, Joko Tipes
  • Gong: Pahang, Karman
  • Kenong: Sarsidi
  • Kethuk: Kasim
  • Slenthem: Wahyo, Mulyono
  • Peking: Ali
  • Balungan: Wiyono, Ripto, Sutat, Raji, Sular, Wahyo, Pahang, Mujiono


  • 2 sindhen students who took photos of Bu Tukinem for their thesis
  • Kaoru, Japan
  • Miki, Japan
  • Yuri, Japan
  • Akhiro, Japan
  • ? (new student of pedhalangan/Purbo--just arrived, didnt catch her name), Japan
  • Kitty, USA


The rupiah has been at Rp. 10,465 this week at the banks, and we spent Rp. 3,575,000, or $341 this monthbelow our $400 monthly limit.