About this collection

This collection represents gendhing that I have collected while studying Central Javanese gamelan, mostly in the Solonese tradition. Much of the notation was originally taken from the 3-volume Gendhing-Gendhing Jawa Gaya Surakarta, the body of notation copied from the manuscripts of the late Bp K.R.T. Mloyodipuro (better known by the name he held at the time, Bp. Mloyowidodo) and published in 1977 by Akademi Seni Karawitan Indonesia, Surakarta (ASKI, now named Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia, or STSI). Bp Mloyodipuro’s books, often published, photocopied and handcopied, have been a wonderful, valuable resource for gamelan musicians both in Java and around the world.

The bulk of the retyping of this collection was done by Ismartilah Drummond as part of a research project conducted by Marc Perlman. I later edited, processed the files and formatted the gendhing for viewing and printing while adding pieces not originally part of the collection or otherwise entered.

Javanese gendhing have often evolved variant versions. The differences include slight differences in balungan or saron melody, entirely different sections and differing performance practices. The notation presented here is not intended to faithfully preserve Bp Mloyodipuro’s versions of the repertoire, but rather to reflect the versions of gendhing as I’ve observed them practiced by teachers and other musicians. I’ve added pieces that I would hear or play in klenèngan, and notated combinations of gendhing as they would be performed. I have also added pieces based on other sources, usually handwritten collections of musicians.

I have used this collection for the Boston Village Gamelan and The Tufts University Gamelan ensemble as resource for rehearsals and performances. I am making it freely available for any interested group or individual. The collection is still growing as I hope to eventually incorporate pieces not yet included and alternate versions of pieces along with versions of gérongan. Any suggestions, comments, or additional gendhing would be greatly appreciated; I would especially like to be informed of any typographical errors.


-Barry Drummond